Miles are boundless; they can take you anywhere in the world and save you money and time.

BoundlessMiles has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are for whatever reason not satisfied with the itinerary we present you, simply let us know! You will not receive an invoice until you are satisfied and accept the flights we find for you.

Our primary goal is to help you maximise your miles and points. We strive hard to find the best possible flight combinations for your journey while maximising your miles. The way we help you achieve your desired trip is simple: you tell us where you want to go and we will present you with the best possible options which will not only maximise your miles, but might save some of them too.

Airline frequent flyer programmes are very complex. It takes months of learning to fully understand how they work and what redemptions are best through which programmes. Please understand that while we will do our best to accommodate you on your desired flights, sometimes it is impossible to do so due to award flight availability. We will always provide you with the best alternatives.

Please refer to the Pricing page of the BoundlessMiles website to view current rates for our services. Please note that once your itinerary is ticketed and issued by the frequent flyer programme, all fees you pay to BoundlessMiles are then non-refundable. If you desire to change or cancel your itinerary after it is confirmed, we will assist you in making sure you change or cancel for the lowest fee possible with the frequent flyer programme. To assist with this change or cancellation, we will charge you a service fee.

Please note that after your reservation is confirmed, the airline may change the scheduled flight times. BoundlessMiles cannot be held responsible for such changes as the airline is in complete control of its flight timetable and changes can happen.

Please also note that airlines can change most aspects of your flights, therefore BoundlessMiles cannot be held responsible for changes such as (but not limited to) seat assignment, schedule change, aircraft change, etc. If you would like, BoundlessMiles can monitor your itinerary and alert you in the event of any changes such as schedule, aircraft, seat, etc., there is a small fee for this service, please contact your BoundlessMiles agent should you wish to utilise this service.

All of the information you provide us will be handled sensitively and BoundlessMiles will never share your information with anyone.

We know you have a choice when requesting award help and we would like to thank you for choosing BoundlessMiles. Remember that if you are not satisfied at any point during our service, let us know so we can make things right.