Maximize Your Miles


BoundlessMiles transforms your miles and points for travel all around the globe. We’re experts in the frequent flyer and airline world and have mastered the best ways to redeem your rewards.

Award Flight Services assists in booking the most desired flights available at an exceptional redemption level - saving you miles and points for your next getaway. BoundlessMiles serves travelers from all over of the world - whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a Round The World journey, we’re experts in finding and booking the perfect itinerary; no trip is too simple or complex for us - we’ve seen it all, from last minute holidays to carefully arranged multi-month voyages.

We can’t wait to show you where your miles can fly you.


Miles & Points Redeemed

Since March 2015, BoundlessMiles has redeemed over a billion miles and points for various flights around the planet. Every request is handled with high priority - you’ll be flying in no time; our experts know exactly what to propose as soon as an inquiry is submitted.

We’re proud to maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee by consulting with clients until they're fully content with our services; not only that, modifications to existing requests are even more simple - no need to spend countless hours back-and-forth, simply let us know what changes you desire and we’ll get right on it.


Recurring Clients

In addition to Award Flight booking, we offer a variety of supplementary services - including Miles & Points Consulting which attentively develops a custom, unique plan, helping you quickly earn valuable rewards based on your travel patterns, future trip goals, and more.

Our ancillary services offer you personalized solutions such as the ability to track and monitor flights for upgrades or modifications, adjust your existing self-booked itineraries, or handle any custom miles/points-related inquiries you may have.

Ready to start flying? Simply submit your request or send us a message if you have any inquiries. Maximize your miles.

Dominik Żmuda

Chief Executive

Dominik has mastered frequent flyer redemptions; his travels demonstrate the unique value of these rewards which allow exploring the world in extraordinary ways. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a journey spanning the globe, miles and points made it possible to visit over fifty countries; he is most excited and energetic when on the road - traveling and discovering the wonders of the world.

An expert in award flight redemptions through the most unique methods in order to maximize miles and points so everyone can see the world in elegance and style. Founding BoundlessMiles, he aims to assist clients from all over the globe wherever their travels might take them; BoundlessMiles assists with every frequent flyer program in the world.

Dominik’s favorite flight award is from Europe to the South Pacific in First Class for just 115,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles - traveling on the Etihad Airways A380. Holding top-tier elite status with various airlines and being mostly loyal to Star Alliance, his favorite aircraft include the Airbus A350 and A380. Flying mostly internationally, he loves to explore new and exciting places while revisiting beloved destinations such as Hong Kong, Mexico City, London, San Francisco, and Sydney. No journey is ever the same - there’s always a new, unique adventure to experience. Fly, Travel, Explore.