Landed: The Enhanced BoundlessMiles

05 March 2021

Welcome to the new and upgraded BoundlessMiles! We’re pleased to introduce our next-generation; assisting travelers with redeeming miles and points worldwide. Following our launch in March 2015, we’ve worked with clients from all over the globe to transform their rewards into memorable trips which have spanned far and wide. We can’t wait to show you where your miles can take you.

The new, modern website features plenty - including the ability to now submit an Award Flight Request with more details, leading to quicker booking and less back-and-forth emails. Our home on the internet allows travelers to browse and familiarize themselves with various services we offer in relation to miles and points.

Beyond BoundlessMiles.com, we’re introducing +1.877.BLS.MILS. Feel free to call us in regards to new or already-booked requests, inquiries about our Miles & Points Consulting, questions relating to the services we offer, or anything else. We’ll be available during standard business hours in North America and if you’re unable to reach us, expect to be called back within 24 hours. We're also now on Twitter (@BoundlessMiles) - be sure to follow us for the latest news and updates!

Award Flight Services

We’ve updated our most popular service. In addition to the already existing Round-Trip, One-Way, and Multi-City trip types, BoundlessMiles has now extended these to include more complex Multi-City trips featuring increased stopovers and/or open-jaws; the signature Round The World Award Flight Service is now offered. All requests are reviewed within 24 hours of submission, and most are ticketed within two days; no payment is required until you're fully satisfied with the itinerary. As always, all bookings are subject to the rules, terms, and conditions of the airline and frequent flyer program issuing the ticket(s).

You're now able to submit a new request with added specifications about a desired flight itinerary - for example, the airport search-and-select enables the selection of either all airports in a city (where available) or the choice of a specific airport. Airline award availability varies according to multiple factors including day of the week, holidays, and also the demand for a flight - which is why the new date flexibility indicator allows the selection of how many days before and after the originally requested date you're able to fly. Any modifications or cancellations of an already booked flight request can now be sought out online.

Miles & Points Consulting

Not enough miles for a flight? BoundlessMiles consulting sessions are precisely tailored towards your future travel goals; we'll design a custom plan advising you on earning more miles and points quickly and efficiently. Throughout the consulting process we carefully analyze your current miles, points, credit card spending, travel patterns, and more - we ensure you’re earning multiple points per dollar spent when possible. In addition, we provide redemption tips so you can start flying quicker; every traveler is different, yet we all can utilize miles and points to fly around the world in style and comfort.

BM Business

Another brand-new feature of BoundlessMiles - we now assist businesses of all magnitudes in booking and managing their employee’s travel through miles and points redemptions. We ensure your business travel costs are economical by working with rewards you already have accumulated from trips and utilizing business credit cards. Whether your business has ten or a thousand members, our experts will always be delighted to advise you accordingly and plan/monitor future travel. BoundlessMiles develops a custom, carefully crafted plan for every firm we work with, based on travel patterns and goals - ensuring rewards are maximized in the most favorable way.

BoundlessMiles transforms your miles and points for travel all around the globe. We’re experts in the frequent flyer and airline world and have mastered exceptional ways to redeem your rewards. BM has redeemed over a billion miles and points for various flights and trips all around the planet. Welcome to the upgraded BoundlessMiles - we’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to share the next chapter of BM with you. Maximize your miles.

fly safe,

Dominik Żmuda · Chief Executive