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do you require more miles for a flight award? BoundlessMiles consulting sessions are precisely tailored towards your travel aspirations and goals; we'll develop a custom plan guiding you on earning future points rapidly

Earn rewards quickly with Miles & Points Consulting - custom plans designed uniquely for you, based on your travel ambitions. Every traveler is unique, yet we all can utilize miles and points to fly around the world in style and comfort.

Consulting Overview
· analysis of current program memberships and balances
· insight into travel patterns and future trip goals
· evaluation of ongoing mileage-earning methods
· recommendations on acquiring points rapidly
· strategies for collecting multiple credit card points per dollar spent
· guidance on airline preference and frequent flyer program selection
· tips on maximizing and boosting miles and points redemptions
· sample flight itineraries for requested destinations
· inquiry time with expert advice

Throughout the consulting process we carefully analyze your current miles and points balances, credit card spending, travel patterns, and more. A custom plan is designed to meet your future travel objectives - we review all aspects to ensure you’re earning multiple points per dollar spent, when possible. Further, we prepare redemption ideas and suggestions about how you can start flying and discovering the world quicker.

BoundlessMiles experts are always ready to advise and assist in accomplishing the next mileage-earning move. Your personal advisor is glad to help with inquiries you may have or adjustments to your custom plan at any time.

Miles & Points Consulting

every session is reserved and scheduled exclusively for you and takes place through any mode (video or phone call, screen share with audio, instant messenger, etc.)

1 Session (1h)


2 Sessions (1h each)


5 Sessions (1.5h each)


Thanks again for helping these newbies with their award flights to Italy. We were impressed with your quick response and how easy you made the process. Our flights are ideal, with max value for our points and a very efficient itinerary.

We plan to contact you again.... just as soon as we can dream up our next trip!
Cindy and Ned S · ATL